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The hall is the business card of every home. The first room somebody steps into when visiting your home is the hall, and that's why this is where the initial impression of your living quarters is generated. The bulkiest and most often used clothes and footwear are kept in the hall wardrobe. Tank offers module wardrobes with content solutions designed specifically for halls. When choosing the materials, it is important to keep in mind that surfaces tend to get dirty a bit more often in the hall.

The hall wardrobe must be functional, so that it is practical and easy to use. When choosing the wardrobe and sliding doors for the hall, space utilisation and pleasant looks should also be considered along with functionality. When decorating the hall, the decoration of the whole home should be kept in mind. A lot also depends on whether the hall is in a flat, house, summer house or cottage.

Traditionally, the hall gets a large closed wardrobe, but there are other, more exciting and stylish solutions. For example, the open wardrobe of Tank PRO is ideal for a hall wardrobe.

The halls of standard apartments are often rather narrow. A small hall can be enlarged visually by installing mirror doors to the wardrobe. This will also give you the opportunity to glance in the mirror any time you feel like it.

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