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Walk-in wardrobe

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Many homeowners dream of a walk-in wardrobe. One of the advantages of a separate walk-in wardrobe is that you can keep all your clothes and other stuff in one room. In a walk-in wardrobe, all walls can be covered with shelf systems, making it easier to use all available space for storage. Tank also has specially designed solutions for optimal usage of corner space.

It is only reasonable to plan a walk-in wardrobe if there is enough space available. When designing a new house, the walk-in wardrobe can be planned from the beginning. Areas that are not the most suitable for everyday life, such as low spaces beneath a sloping roof, are ideal for walk-in wardrobes.

It is vital to keep a walk-in wardrobe systematised and organised so you can quickly find what you need from the many items there.

There is no need to cover shelf systems with doors in a walk-in wardrobe, as the separate room is hidden from unwanted eyes.

For those who prefer air and tidiness, a Tank PRO wardrobe system is an ideal walk-in wardrobe solution.

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